Monty Don sparks ‘alarm’ as Gardeners’ World host hit with flood after Storm Barra

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Monty Don reacted after fans admitted they were alarmed by photos of his garden following Storm Barra, which left thousands of homes across the country without power. The Gardeners’ World presenter took to Instagram and shared a candid photo of the aftermath today.

In view of his 965,000 followers, the 66-year-old shared a picture of a field that looked like a giant pond, filled with brown water that obscured the grass and the bottom of the gate.

He captioned the post: “The residue of Storm Barra.”

The photo was clearly a cause of concern for many of his fans, who expressed their worries.

Gill Wahlers wrote: “Oh dear. Let’s hope we get no more big storms for some time.”

Julie Naylor remarked: “Oh gosh, not again.”

While Norma Braken added: “That’s not good. Sorry to see this.”

Hours later, the gardening expert took to the picture-sharing site to reassure fans that flooding is a regular occurrence and “does little harm”.

Sharing another photo of flooding at his property, Monty shared a photo from the back of his house which was taken earlier this year.

He penned: “In response to those expressing alarm at flooding in the garden – it is not a big issue.

“It happens two or three times every year and does little harm.

“This picture was taken in Feb but I could have chosen a hundred others. It goes as quickly as it comes.”

Fans shared their relief, as Jacqui Hoyland wrote: “Nature for you. You can either spend time and energy fighting it or learn to work with it.”


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Carrie Cow commented: “Mine does this. I had a proper panic for my pergola vibes but honestly didn’t do them any harm. How they’re thriving where they are I don’t know!”

Kevin added: “As long as it doesn’t reach the house. What a lovely view though, I love your house.”

The horticulturalist lives in Herefordshire after he purchased his family home in 1991.

The BBC favourite resides with his wife Sarah, where he spent years completely renovating his gardens, which originally consisted of a two-acre abandoned field with one hazel tree.

Meanwhile, the TV star took to social media and shared a snap of his beloved dogs where he admitted the flood has not stopped them from having a good time.

“Flooding limits the dog-walking routes but not the fun,” Monty wrote.

Fans gushed over the picture, as Reensie wrote: “Pattie will be swimming.”

Gemma Daly added: “Dog heaven.”


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