Morgan Wallen Announces ‘Dangerous’ Double Album

Morgan Wallen announced a new double album, Dangerous, on Wednesday (November 11) and said it will be out on January 8, 2021.

Wallen, who also shared the cover art for the album, tweeted that pre-sales will start November 20 and said he will be adding three songs, “Still Goin’ Down,” “Somebody’s Problem” and “Livin’ The Dream” to the list.

The 30-track record, which will be his first studio album in nearly three years, will be a double album as he had promised earlier. The album includes a collaboration with Chris Stapleton.

Dangerous: The Double Album Track List:

DISC 1 :

1. “Sand In My Boots”
2. “Wasted On You”
3. “Somebody’s Problem”
4. “More Surprised Than Me”
5. “865”
6. “Warning”
7. “Neon Eyes”
8. “Outlaw”
9. “Whiskey’d My Way”
10. “Wonderin’ Bout The Wind”
11. “Your Bartender”
12. “Only Thing That’s Gone” feat. Chris Stapleton
13. “Cover Me Up”
14. “7 Summers”
15. “More Than My Hometown”

DISC 2 :

1. “Still Goin Down”
2. “Rednecks, Red Letters, Red Dirt”
3. “Dangerous”
4. “Beer Don’t”
5. “Blame It On Me”
6. “Somethin’ Country”
7. “This Bar”
8. “Country A$$ Shit”
9. “Whatcha Think Of Country Now”
10. “Me On Whiskey”
11. “Need A Boat”
12. “Silverado For Sale”
13. “Heartless” (Wallen Album Mix)
14. “Livin’ The Dream”
15. “Quittin’ Time”

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