Naga Munchetty inundated with advice after unexpected incident at home

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The BBC Breakfast host and BBC 5 Live presenter took to social media to ask for any rescue centres close to her home, after her cat brought a live bat into her house. Always seemingly having trouble with nature, Naga Munchetty, 47, popped the creature into a box with some towels and water, before a local rescue group came to take the bat away.

Taking to her Twitter account to ask for any advice on how to safely get rid of the bat, Naga wrote: “Does anyone know how to get a bat to safety?

“Cat brought one in yesterday.

“It’s alive this morning, no obvious injuries, but not flying.

“Currently in a box with towels and a little water. Any rescue centres I can take it to in Herts (Hertfordshire)?”

Gaining 111 likes and 10 retweets, it wasn’t long before help was on hand for Naga, as fans began to comment, joke and provide advice to the broadcaster.

Chris Baldwin was one of the first to comment, telling Naga to get the creature to a vet as soon as possible.

He tweeted: “Just get it to a vet, Naga, they have the resources to deal with it or connections to pass it on to.”

Surprisingly, others had been in a similar situation to Naga, and were on hand to tell their personal experience.

Dominic Lumsden wrote: “Same happened with me. I just left all windows open overnight and it got itself out.

“Wouldn’t move when I was anywhere near it.”

And Roger McStravick added: “We had same.

“Give him mealworm and water in a milk bottle cap. Bat Protection wasn’t helpful.

“RSPCA were brilliant. Ours was ridiculously cute and friendly. We still miss him!!”

Luckily for Naga, through the power of the internet, help was not far away and in only about 10 minutes, Naga updated fans with some good news regarding her unexpected house guest.

She said: “Is being sorted with a local rescue group – thank you for suggestions x.”

Complimenting Naga for being a “kind” and “caring” individual, another gave her some important advice regarding her cats and when they should be let outside.

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Emma Kelly replied to the BBC regular: “Please keep your cat in for around 40 mins before and after sunset.

“This is when most bats leave their roosts and are at most risk of being caught by a cat.”

With an unexpected animal friend in her house, Naga will have something entertaining to talk about on her BBC Radio 5 show, which she presents from 11am on Monday to Wednesdays.

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