Naked Realtor Bares All in Hilarious Listing for L.A. Home

If you wanna know how hard it is to stand out in the Los Angeles real estate market, just ask this guy … who went all NSFW with his listing … trying to score a sale!!!

The realtor, David Ferrugio, shamelessly bared all on his Instagram to promote a $1.29 million home on the market in the Monterey Hills neighborhood near L.A.

Ferrugio posed for not one, not 2, but 5 naked pics to showcase the 3-bed, 2-bath, 2,100 sq-ft. house that was just listed this week … including a cheeky kitchen shot and a couple full frontals — in the front and back of the property.

According to Ferrugio … his clients were on board with his adult-themed marketing tactic, and to be fair — he’s strategically blurred.

Tough to say if that helps or hurts David with prospective buyers, but it should be noted … actual realtor sites only include the shots of the home, and not the nude realtor.

That would really be a game-changer … and it’s kinda awesome!!!

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