NBA Youngboy Hits on Kyle Kuzma’s Rumored GF Nicole Shiraz, Gets Rejected, Then Throws Insult

The ‘Outside Today’ rapper allegedly disses the Australian model and her rumored boyfriend before threatening her and bragging about his gang affiliation and criminal record.

AceShowbiz -NBA Youngboy reportedly flirted with Kyle Kuzma‘s rumored girlfriend Nicole Shiraz but she wasn’t interested. His ego was seemingly hurt after getting turned down by the Australian model so he started to throw insult, calling athletes “lame.”

Screenshots of their alleged chat hit the internet. It started with Shiraz asking the hip-hop star, “What exactly do you want?” He replied, “U know what I want.” Without beating around the bush, he said “obviously” when the Aussie model asked if he was looking for a casual sex.

“I’m a relationship type girl,” she responded, but he didn’t back down. He, instead, bragged about his celebrity status, “I ain’t just anyone Betta do ya research on me.” She, however, was not impressed, “I dunno who’s been dropping my name like that but I’m not that type of girl.” She continued, “I’m not about to sleep with you because ur rapper. I wasn’t raised like that.”

Aware of her relationship with Kuzma, Youngboy then started to throw insult, “Enjoy them lame a** athletes.” He didn’t stop there and even threatened to get Shiraz kicked out if they ever ran into each other. “If we ever in the same place best believe I’ll get it shut down,” she reacted.

The rapper responded by flaunting his wealth, gang affiliation, and criminal record. “That’s definitely cap I’m a rich a** n***a gangsta. And ain’t nobody gone say s**t to me they know what me and all my n***as bout. There 2 murder charges on my record lol.”

Just recently NBA Youngboy reportedly kicked his mother out of the house he bought for her. He allegedly called the cop on her when she tried to get into the house. “I don’t give a f**k, you can have your house b***h,” she ranted. “I will go sleep in a muthaf***n park bench. You will not f***ng hold your money over my muthaf***n head.”

After kicking his mother out, the “Outside Today” rapper flaunted a Porsche. Rumor has it, he purchased the flashy ride for his lover.

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