New Monolith Surfaces in Romania After One in Utah Desert Vanishes

Now you see it, now you don’t … and now you do again, because a new monolith is upon us — in Europe — right after one vanished into thin air here in the States.

Another metallic structure was spotted late last week in Romania … standing tall on a hill called Boatca Doamnei, just outside the city of Piatra Neamt. This new monolith looks almost exactly like the one found out in the middle of nowhere in Utah last week … which disappeared just as mysteriously as it arrived.

This one also appears to be made of metal — the main difference here is that it’s got a bunch of squiggles on the back, and it’s sorta slanted up top.

Just like their Utah counterparts, Romanian officials don’t know how the monolith got there … or who dug it into the ground.

Authorities say it’s actually on private property that covers an archeological site, which requires official permission before anything can go up there. Unclear if/when they’ll remove it.

Now, this could just be another prankster doing amateur art installation … OR, it could be an alien invasion on the cusp of breaking out — a la, “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

We’re all voting for art installation, right?

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