Newly Discovered Tape Hints Beatles Were Considering Follow-Up To ‘Abbey Road’

A recently discovered tape that features a discussion three of The Beatles engaged in on September 8, 1969, two weeks ahead of Abbey Road‘s release, indicate the group may have been considering a follow-up to the album.

The tape, which was played by Mark Lewisohn for The Guardian, features John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison discussing some plans.

Ringo Starr, the other member of the iconic band, was in hospital at the time.

Lennon is heard saying, “Ringo – you can’t be here, but this is so you can hear what we’re discussing.”

He then suggests a new songwriting split for the proposed next album: four tunes each by him, McCartney and Harrison, as well as two from Ringo “if he wants them.”

McCartney responds, saying, “I thought until this album that George’s songs weren’t that good.”

“That’s a matter of taste,” Harrison retorts. “All down the line, people have liked my songs.”

“It’s a revelation,” Lewisohn told the paper. “The books have always told us that they knew Abbey Road was their last album and they wanted to go out on an artistic high. But no — they’re discussing the next album.”

Lewisohn also says the tape indicates Lennon was not considering splitting from the band at that time.

“Doesn’t that rewrite pretty much everything we thought we knew?” Lewisohn asks.

An expanded 50th-anniversary reissue of Abbey Road is due on September 27. Before that, on September 18, Lewisohn will launch a new touring stage presentation called The Beatles – Hornsey Road, at the Theatre Royal in Northampton, U.K.

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