Nick Cannon Has No Problem with Jimmy Kimmel's Oscars Joke About His Kids

Nick Cannon says Jimmy Kimmel‘s Oscars jab at him and his ever-growing family tree is all in good fun … telling us the “too many kids” jokes can keep on comin’.

We got Nick leaving Avra in Bev Hills Sunday night, after Jimmy had been on stage at the Dolby Theater poking fun at this year’s nominees and yes, Nick too.

ICYMI, Nick’s children came up when Jimmy brought up “Avatar: The Way of Water” … saying in order to break even on the $2 billion film, “All of Nick Cannon’s kids had to see ‘Avatar’ 4 times.”

Nick tells us he’s got no problems with the punchline, adding he and Jimmy are tight. He says he’s cool with being the butt of all these jokes — Kimmel’s far from the first to do it — and Nick says the creator of “Wild ‘N Out” should be able to take a few comedic jabs.

BTW — we ask him if he’s got a limit in mind when it comes to family planning, and he clearly doesn’t have one … but check out his pretty wild response.

As we reported, Nick said last month the cap on his children isn’t up to him, because “God decides when we’re done” … and warned he might even pump some out in his 80s.

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