Nicole Nafziger: I Can’t WAIT to Make Babies with Azan!

A month ago, Nicole Nafziger was gushing to fans about her "baby fever" shortly after returning to the US from Morocco.

Now, she's being much more direct as she addresses the topic to the 90 Day Fiance fandom.

Yes, she wants babies with Azan.

That's not a euphemism for looking forward to being intimate with him again, either.

She is excited to give baby May younger siblings with the man she loves.

There is a specific milestone that she's waiting for.

Nicole has a lot more to say — check it out below.

1.It's baby-making time!

2.Nicole is a proud aunt

3.Nicole is already a loving mother

4.Adriana is Taylor's baby

5.Of course, Nicole wasn't here at the time

6.At least she got to have fun

7.Nicole shared this pic recently

8.Fans adored the pic

9.Seeing Nicole with Adriana gave some fans ideas

10.Nicole even elaborated on that

11.Some commenters were confrontational

12.The topic shifted

13.Okay, WOW

14.As for multiple wives …

15.Is Nicole still a barista?

16.She left her job in March

17.That's for the best

18.Nicole posted another pic

19.A twinkle, you say?

20.Another commenter was just mad

21.To be fair, this was the "clickbait" in question

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