Nikka Bella reveals she retired from WWE due to brain cyst

Nikki Bella is exiting the WWE ring, but the star revealed she didn’t have any other choice.

The “Total Bellas” wrestler, 35, along with her twin sister Brie, opened up while on “The Tonight Show” about how difficult it was to put an end to their wrestling career. However, Nikki shared it was her health issues that forced her into retirement, unlike Brie who retired as a new mom.

“For me, I really wanted to go back and fight for the tag titles,” Nikki said. “I’ve always had my neck issues and after neck surgery, it hasn’t been OK. I feel like I needed to get a checkup before we went back for the tag titles.”

“The results came back and I herniated the disc above where I had surgery, I have all this inflammation around the metal and then I have a cyst on my brain,” she continued. “They were like, ‘You’re done, no more,’ so I didn’t get a choice, which sucks.”

In an interview the following day with TMZ, Nikki shared further reactions about her health complications.

“I can’t compete… They found a cyst on my brain, which thank god, it’s benign,” she said. 

“It’s super scary, it’s something you’re never gonna hear but I’m so grateful,” she added. “I’m grateful for my health, I’m grateful it’s benign. It’s something that you have to watch out for the rest of your life because you never know how it can change, but I’m definitely grateful because people go through it worse.”

Despite her challenges, Nikki remains optimistic for the future, even with possible thoughts of returning to the ring.

“I believe in miracles, you never know!” she said. “We’ll see what the man upstairs has in store for me.”

The former wrestler announced her retirement from WWE during the season finale of “Total Bellas” in March.

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