Of course Prince William & Kate ‘authorized’ Jason Knauf’s smears on Meghan

Just so we’re perfectly clear and all on the same page, Jason Knauf and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are ALL organizing one of the most clownish and vile smear campaigns against Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. They’ve been doing it throughout the year. William, Kate and Jason Knauf left their fingerprints all over the “Meghan is a bully” story back in early March. That was pushed in advance of the Sussexes’ Oprah interview. Then over the summer, Jason Knauf was once again used by William and Kate to attack Meghan, which is why Knauf turned over selectively edited emails and texts to the Mail on Sunday’s lawyers in their appeal of Meghan’s victorious summary judgment. Very few people on Isla de Saltines are asking the question though: “so this means that William and Kate authorized their closest aides to repeatedly and desperately assassinate Meghan’s character?” The answer is an obvious yes.

Dickie Arbiter previously did Knauf’s job, but for Queen Elizabeth II from 1988 to 2000 and was asked whether William and Kate’s approval would have been required on True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat. He replied: “I would put my money on it.”

It comes after the newspaper’s editor, Ted Verity, previously said in a witness statement that they had an additional source, beyond Knauf, providing “high-grade” information.

On the chat show, royal author Duncan Larcombe added: “Lawyers from The Mail on Sunday would have approached Jason Knauf, knowing that these emails existed. That would have been the point. Most likely, Jason would have gone to William and Kate. He would not have cooperated with those lawyers without their definite knowledge.”

Knauf handed in his resignation at the Royal Foundation in May and subsequently offered new information in support of The Mail on Sunday’s case. However, he is not the newspaper’s only contact as court filings show a well-placed source tipped off the publisher that Knauf had had a change of heart.

A filing read: “It was only in July 2021 that [The Mail on Sunday] received information from a confidential source to the effect that Mr Knauf now regretted not providing a witness statement to us… [The Mail on Sunday] sought to make contact with Mr Knauf in September 2020 after being told by a source that he (Mr Knauf) had relevant evidence to give on important aspects of the case.”

In January 2020, the newspaper told the judge in the original High Court case of a “high-grade” royal source who had provided information to Ted Verity. Verity said in a witness statement: “The source had direct knowledge of the matters they told me about and which are set out below. I have absolutely no reason to think the source was being anything other than completely truthful. This was not gossip or tittle-tattle: it was what I considered to be high-grade information from a serious individual in a position of authority and responsibility who knew the implications of what they were telling me.”

[From Newsweek]

Knauf “would not have cooperated with those lawyers without their definite knowledge.” I would argue – and I have argued – that these schemes were cooked up by William and Jason entirely. Knauf ran the “bullying staff” operation for years, it was the fail-safe operation to be employed in case of emergency. Suddenly, Knauf would produce these emails he wrote accusing Meghan of looking at people and making white women cry with her existence. I would think that Knauf providing his texts and emails to the MoS’s appeal was more of a happy accident for William, Kate and Jason. They didn’t expect Meghan to win her summary judgement and they were looking for something new to do to her, to hurt her. I do believe that these are mostly Kensington Palace schemes because they’re so childish and clownish, and William is such a stunted individual. I could absolutely see him thinking that all of this was a good idea.

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