Open Post: Hosted By Ben & Jerry's CBD Ice Cream, Which Could Be Coming Soon

Since we’re in the middle of the weed revolution, they’ve put CBD into anything and everything edible now. Everything! Gummi bears, cookies, tacos, cakes, pot roast, I swear to God a friend of mine was drinking his tea with CBD-laced sugar the other morning. It was only a matter of time before those two wonderful Vermont-based ice cream hippies Ben & Jerry decided to make CBD their new ice cream flavor. File under “Things That Are Correctly Inevitable.”

The info via People:

The Vermont-based dessert company announced on Thursday that CBD ice cream is “maybe, hopefully coming to a freezer near you.”

The move to incorporate the cannabis-based compound is a natural fit for Ben & Jerry’s. In a statement posted to their website, they hinted at their affection towards “all things groovy.“

However, they’ve hit a roadblock because people might not let their CBD ice cream be great.

The FDA is currently holding a public hearing on Friday, where dozens of researchers and retailers are presenting data and information on CBD. Ben & Jerry’s submitted a comment to support the legalization, though no decision will be made on Friday, it’s merely an “important step,” said FDA Commissioner, Dr. Ned Sharpless.

So cross your fingers that ice cream that gives you a mellow feeling will soon inhabit a grocer’s freezer near you. Did you ever think someone would ever be able to actually improve ice cream?

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