Pedro Pascal Shares Ted Cruz’s Office Number After Capitol Breach & ‘Wonder Woman’ Diss: ‘Share Your Thoughts’

Pedro Pascal is inviting his fans to get in touch with Ted Cruz directly.

The 45-year-old Wonder Woman 1984 actress shared the politician’s Central Texas office phone number on Saturday (January 9) following both the violent U.S. Capitol takeover of Trump supporters earlier in the week, as well as a personal jab from the U.S. Senator regarding the actor’s performance in the new Wonder Woman film.

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Ted Cruz’s phone number to share your thoughts,” he wrote on Twitter. As fans have pointed out in the replies, the number was already made available online and not his personal phone number.

The tweet comes as Pedro voiced disdain for the U.S. Capitol breach: “The world is watching and history is recording. This disgrace will be FOREVER IN THE BOOKS,” he wrote, as well as linking to a list of the Republicans who voted to overturn the election results, including Cruz.

Around Christmas, Ted Cruz also wrote a scathing review of the actor’s performance: “Sadly, yes. Catherine & I watched it last night. Gal Gadot remains terrific, but it’s by far Pedro Pascal’s worst performance. The script, was wooden, formulaic & silly (‘look, a fully-fueled fighter jet just sitting there for us!’). But, watching w/ your daughter is still fun!,” he wrote before the New Year.

Here’s how the movie is currently doing at the box office.

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