Peter Andre labels Piers Morgan ‘irreplaceable’ as GMB struggles to replace him

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Peter Andre has praised Piers Morgan and declared the former Good Morning Britain presenter as "'untouchable and irreplaceable" n his latest new! column.

Peter's comments come as GMB bosses continue their search for a host to replace Piers, who sensationally quit the show earlier this year.

In his latest column, he also reveals how Junior had been revising for his alternative GCSE exams after suffering from Covid, and shares his joy as he prepares for Grease The Musical rehearsals.

Read his column in full below…

It’s all about the effort

Junior is thankfully feeling better after being unwell with Covid. He had his alternative GCSE exams last week and he really tried his best, even though he wasn’t feeling good when he was revising.

His school was very kind and understanding, but he tried and for that I’m really proud of him. He told me he studied loads for maths and not as much for biology, but he found the maths exam hard and the biology one easy. I told him not to worry because it will all work out in the end.

The arts are back, baby

I recently shared a picture of myself getting ready for Grease The Musical. We start cast rehearsals in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait. I’m so happy theatres are open from this week and the arts are opening back up after such a tough year. I’m not only happy for myself and everyone else on stage, but also everyone who works behind the scenes in the lighting, costume and sound departments.

I’ve been working out in preparation for being back on stage and I feel like I’m in good shape, even though I’m definitely a few kilograms heavier than last year!

I love exercising, and when you get older it’s not just about your physical health, it’s very beneficial for your mental health, too. Millie and Bista sometimes come in the gym with me and bring their iPads and sit on the bike and watch something, which is very sweet.

Piers is a tough act to follow

Alastair Campbell had a mixed reaction from Good Morning Britain viewers after filling in for Piers Morgan as a guest presenter following his departure. They are very big shoes to fill and I think no matter who does it, it just won’t be the same. Piers is untouchable and irreplaceable when it comes to his work. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does next. I know he’ll be back bigger and better than ever.

Mistaken identities

I loved Antony Costa’s story about how Donatella Versace’s aides mistook his band Blue for Blur and flew them to Milan Fashion Week, so they could perform. I love that the boys just went with it!

I’ve also been mistaken for another artist at an event. In the 90s when I was releasing albums I went to an event in Germany and the fans outside went mental thinking I was one of the Backstreet Boys. They were screaming and calling me Kevin [Richardson], so I just went along with it! Myself and Kevin did have very similar hair back in the day, so I can see how people could have mixed us up.

Let’s just say when the Backstreet Boys did turn up the crowd looked very confused!

Green doesn’t mean go

It was disappointing to see Australia on the green travel list when it’s been reported that they won’t allow tourists to travel there until mid-2022.

Everyone got so excited when it was given the green light and I had so many messages from people saying, “I’m so happy for you, you can go and see your mum and dad.”

So it was hard to say that that’s not actually the case. I would rather the Government just tells us the countries we’re allowed to travel to and who will also let us in, because otherwise it’s like dangling a carrot in front of everyone.

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