Prince Charles wore a kilt for his ‘two-day visit’ in Scotland aka Tartan Disneyland

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His mother and oldest son might be on vacation, but Prince Charles was still “working” this week, doing events at Sandringham, Stafford and then Scotland. He went to Scrabster Beach to meet with a clean-up group. This is being described as a “two-day visit to Scotland,” which is weird because I assumed that Charles and Camilla would probably spend the month of August in Scotland anyway. They usually do – they go to Birkhall, which is the home his grandmother left him. They also visit the Queen at Balmoral. I wonder if they’re going to spend four to six weeks in Scotland like always, or if they have other plans.

Anyway, as you can see, Charles wore a kilt when he met with the beach crew. He often wears a kilt in Scotland. I suppose he thinks it endears him to the people of Tartan Disneyland. Charles’ current Scottish title is the Duke of Rothesay, but Charles is now the Duke of Edinburgh since his father died. Charles was reportedly interested in using the DoE title now, but he was advised against it. And if he can’t use it, he’s certainly not going to give it to Prince Edward.

As for endearing himself to Scotland… well. The problem is bigger than Charles, I’ll say that. I suspect that no amount of “visits” from William, Kate, Charles, Camilla and the Queen will change the growing calls for Scottish Independence. But I also suspect that Scottish people are kind of curious about just how far the royals will go to “keep” Scotland. Perhaps Charles should also be pretty concerned about whether *anyone* wants to keep the monarchy. Speaking of, the British group Republic has put up these billboards:

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