Princess Kate wore stripes in a video for Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week

Last week, the Princess of Wales “launched” her latest awareness-raising campaign Shaping Us, a vague yet expensive campaign aimed at spreading the word that the Early Years are important, and if you don’t get your children’s first five years correct, they’ll be terrible people. It also only applies to affluent two-parent households, of course. But I digress – I wanted to point out that Kate only really did limited “live” events for the launch campaign – the BAFTA thing, then a day of visiting Leeds, including trips to the Leeds Market and a local university. That was it – the rest of her Shaping Us launch involved pre-filmed and carefully edited videos so Kensington Palace could control just how little Kate does and how little she knows.

I bring this up because she used the same method of “unpublicized visit, video release by Kensington Palace” for her “event” on Monday. Kate went to St. John’s CE Primary School in Bethnal Green to launch Place2Be’s Children’s Mental Health Week. She’s been Place2Be’s patron for years and for awareness-weeks past, she’s usually done some kind of video. I have no idea why she doesn’t do a proper event with the royal rota in full force, but I guess the palace likes to exert a lot of control with Kate.

Kate loves a horizontal-striped top. She’s also trying to wear more hoop earrings lately.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red/Kensington Royal.

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