Report: Drunk Megan Thee Stallion Started Fight With Tory Lanez Over Kylie Jenner Before Shooting

Rumor has it that the ‘Hot Girl Summer’ raptress was jealous, thinking that her alleged beau Tory was flirting with the cosmetics mogul while they were hanging out at Kylie’s house.

AceShowbiz -New details of a shooting incident involving Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez have emerged online more than a week after it happened. While police have not given an update on their investigation, report has circulated online on what happened leading to the violent altercation between the two hip-hop stars.

According to journalist and podcast figure Adam 22, the argument started when Megan and Tory hung out with Kylie Jenner at the reality TV star’s house on Saturday night, July 11. As seen in social media posts, the three stars were having fun while dipping in Kylie’s pool hours before things got nasty between the “Savage” hitmaker and the “Quarantine Radio” host, who have been rumored to be in a romantic relationship.

Things reportedly went south when drunk Megan got jealous and accused Tory of flirting with Kylie or the other way around. The alleged couple was said getting into an argument over it and Tory was reportedly felt violated by her accusation.

It seemed that things got escalated from there as the altercation continued in the car, when Megan and Tory already left Kylie’s house. The source, however, doesn’t get to share insight into what happened that prompted the Canadian star to pull the trigger.

The incident left Megan injured in her foot. It was initially reported that she suffered cut from broken glass, but it’s later confirmed that she was shot in the foot. Tory, meanwhile, was arrested and booked for possession of a concealed weapon after his car was pulled over on early Sunday morning, but he’s currently being investigated for possible assault with a deadly weapon as police believe that he attacked Megan.

Police, however, are facing a roadblock in the investigation as witnesses refuse to cooperate. A spokesperson for the LAPD previously said, “At the time Megan Thee [Stallion] was with police she did not report that she was the victim of any crime. And the LAPD has not received any additional information at this time.”

While Megan has taken to social media several times to address the incident, it has been reported that she refused to snitch on Tory and chose to handle it in “street” way. Tory and Kylie, meanwhile, have not broken their silence.

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