‘RHOA’ Star Cynthia Bailey’s Daughter Makes Fans Freak Out by Moving In With Mom’s BF Mike Hill

The sportscaster makes the revelation during an interview, saying that the 19-year-old girl is now moving in full time with him in Los Angeles while her mother is living in Atlanta.

AceShowbiz -Now that Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill are engaged, it’s only natural that the couple is getting closer with each other’s children. And it looks like their bond is so tight that her daughter, Noelle Robinson, has even decided to move in together with the sportscaster in Los Angeles. But what makes this interesting is, Cynthia is not living with them.

Mike made the revelation in an interview, saying that the 19-year-old girl is now moving in full time with him and that he had just literally left her at home before he came to do the interview. Meanwhile, Cynthia is currently living in Atlanta where she films “The Real Housewives of Atlanta“. As for Noelle’s biological father Leon Robinson, he owns a home in California.

It remains unclear why Noelle decided to move in with Mike when he and Cynthia aren’t even married yet. However, it’s been reported that she needed a place to stay as she filmed videos for her YouTube channel. Noelle dropped out of Howard University to become a YouTube star.

Learning of this story, fans were freaking out and questioned why Noelle made the move, especially when she could live with her own father. “Her daughter living with him is bizarre. Very bizarre,” one noted. Calling the situation a “whole mess,” another said, “Noelle living with him in LA situation is weird af. No way would I allow my man to board my semi-grown daughter in his home. Cynthia is a weirdo, as is her daughter (cause there is no way in Hell at ANY age would I want to live with my Mom’s man).”

Someone echoed the sentiment, “It is also extremely strange that Noselle (sic) is living with him but I also can see Cynt being naive/stupid enough to not question that. Yikes.” One other similarly said, “He’s not even her stepfather. Noelle shouldn’t be in his house unless Cynthia is living there. WTF? How is he supposed to parent her and why should she respect him? This is a mess.”

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