Sabrina Carpenter’s ‘Skin’ Lyrics Match Up to Lines From ‘Girl Meets World’

Some of the lyrics in Sabrina Carpenter‘s new song “Skin” are getting major attention!

While many speculate that the song is a direct response to Olivia Rodrigo‘s track “drivers license,” the 21-year-old turned down those rumors in a new Instagram post where she directly mentioned Olivia‘s song.

Now, a viral TikTok video is pointing out that some of the lyrics in both of their songs actually line up almost perfectly with some lines from Sabrina‘s Disney Channel show Girl Meets World.

The episode in the video is from season one, titled, “Girl Meets 1961,” where Cory gives the class a living-history assignment.

In the episode, Riley (Rowan Blanchard) reads from a poem called “The Girl With The Long, Blonde Hair.”

“We could have been friends, maybe in some other life,” she says.

Sabrina starts off her song with the line, “Maybe we could’ve been friends, if I met you in another life,” and in Olivia‘s song, she mentions “And you’re probably with that blonde girl.”

We got played. ##teamolivia ##disney ##diverslicence

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