Salt Island is very mad about Prince Harry’s summer polo schedule

Earlier, we discussed how Prince Harry is likely scheduled to play polo with his new team, Los Padres, in Santa Barbara on Struggle Jubbly weekend. The Jubbly will go down over four days, June 2nd (Thursday) through the 5th (Sunday). British people are getting a four-day weekend and “bank holiday.” In those four days, the royals will be making lots of appearances and doing lots of Jubbly-themed events. But the Palace keeps cutting back the Queen’s scheduled appearances, so much so that it’s seriously doubtful that the Queen will even appear on the Buckingham Palace balcony for the big Jubbly RAF flyover. Which just makes me wonder why they don’t cancel the whole fakakta thing, but they’re not and so there was still pressure being exerted on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to “return” for some of the Jubbly events. The Windsors were already gleeful at the prospect of controlling where Harry and Meghan were “allowed” to go, where they would stand (in the back) and how they would be publicly snubbed. All of that means that there are some very salty people in the UK because Harry is going to play polo in Santa Barbara instead.

The polo matches in Santa Barbara are played on Friday and Sunday afternoons, The Telegraph reports. It is not known whether Harry has shared his plans with the palace.

Speaking about the prospect of him missing the Jubilee, royal author Angela Levin said today: ‘Harry’s priorities of polo over Jubilee blow away any hint he really cares about his grandmother, whatever excuses he comes up with. Many people will be relieved he stays away but not the most important person of all – the Queen.’

Harry could still return for the Trooping of the Colour on the Thursday, but he has not yet given a public indication he will do so. He has previously said he is not able to come back to the UK with his family safely unless there is a change in his security arrangements – but the Sussexes would enjoy full security, along with other Royals, at jubilee events. MailOnline has contacted the Sussexes for comment.

Royal author Tom Bower told MailOnline: ‘There have always been serious doubts that Harry and Meghan would come to the celebrations. Firstly because as private citizens they could not be in the spotlight on the balcony. Secondly because Princes Charles and William are furious about their lies about them in the Oprah Winfrey interview and, after Harry’s recent NBC interview, no longer trust him and Meghan to behave properly. Third, because Meghan hasn’t got the courage to face Kate after her misleading allegations in the Oprah interview. Meghan fears the bad headlines if she returns to Britain. However we don’t know how the continuing argument among Palace officials and the Royal Family will finally be resolved.

‘They encourage the uncertainty because their status and income depends on constant mention in the media. They are addicted to preening their self-importance. Unfortunately the damage their deliberate public ‘indecision’ is causing to the monarchy is impossible to prevent. It’s all part of their financial strategy.’

[From The Daily Mail]

According to Tom Bower, Prince Charles, Prince William and Duchess Kate are still absolutely furious with Meghan and Harry, which is why the Palace was suddenly being so conciliatory towards the Sussexes in an effort to persuade them to come back for the Jubbly… so the Sussexes could be snubbed and raged at in person. And all of that is why Harry and Meghan are apparently terrible people, because they want no f–king part of this toxic drama? Got it. Tom Bower makes Angela Levin seem sane, I’m just saying. Anyhoodle, the Sussexes haven’t confirmed anything and there’s still a possibility that they could make it to the Jubbly. I kind of wonder if this whole “releasing the polo schedule” thing was a test to see what the royal commentariat would say. If so, Harry and Meghan have gotten their answer. Stay away. Stay far away from these lunatics.

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