Sam Smith Praises Céline Dion’s ‘It’s All Coming Back To Me Now’

Sam Smith has offered praise for Céline Dion‘s 24-year-old song “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now.”

“As a song, I think it’s so outrageous. The vocal performance is out of this world,” the 28-year-old singer said in the Pitchfork video about the song from Dion’s 1996 album, Falling into You.

“First time I really started singing was musical theatre. There’s something about Celine Dion where she ticks that box. It’s proper singing. It’s from the gut. Vocally, she just has a tone and there’s like a sharpness to her voice I think that just cuts right through you,” Smith added.

“You can hear her personality when she sings too which is wonderful,” according to Smith. They rated Dion with the class of singers such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Shaka Khan.

Smith described them as “Women who would stand in the middle of a stage and sing, and do nothing but sing.”

Dion expressed her gratitude for Smith’s complements on Twitter saying, “It was great to see you last year in London, and forget about me – I think you’re so amazing!! Take care … hope to see you again soon.”

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