Shanna Moakler Urges Kourtney Kardashian to Get Travis Tattoo

Shanna Moakler says her ex-husband’s new tattoo displaying his famous girlfriend’s name is beautiful and encourages her to return the gesture … despite telling a cautionary tale.

It’s hard to know how sincere Travis Barker‘s ex-wife is about his latest relationship-related ink, but her message to Kourtney Kardashian is, “welcome to the club.”

Okay, sarcasm levels definitely detected.

Shanna points out “Kourtney” is not the only flame Travis inked on his body, but regardless … she suggests it’s now KK’s turn to get his name permanently emblazoned on her.

Then again, Shanna says she’s not sure if the Kardashians do tattoos because she doesn’t follow any of them. Shade levels also detected.

Finally, Shanna reveals she has a “Travis” tattoo herself … but it’s going, going and soon-to-be gone.

Safe to say she’s probably still not up for a double date with her ex and Kourtney just yet.

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