Shaun Wallace: The Chase star ‘trounced’ by child prodigy ‘I’m not embarrassed in any way’

The Chase: Shaun Wallace says he ‘almost’ put correct answer

Shaun Wallace, 60, recently embarked on a road trip in The Chase spin-off series, The Chasers Road Trip. The Dark Destroyer is joined by his ITV co-stars Mark Labbett and Anne Hegerty as the trio search to find out how “smart” the quizmasters really are.

Viewers will witness the Chasers take on adventures across the globe as their knowledge is put to the test.

Shaun, who also works as a barrister, was admittedly left stunned after a child prodigy beat the brain whizz during one of their memorable trips.

The ITV star explained he was “trounced” by a child but cheekily added his ego was still intact.

The Dark Destroyer said through taking on a child genius, apes, and the latest AI and robot technology, he discovered there was more to intelligence than he had previously thought.

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The ITV favourite revealed he only managed to get a single question correct when he took on the prodigy.

Recalling the meeting, Shaun said: “I suppose I liked the fact that I was trounced by a child prodigy and I managed to get one question right, so that was quite a funny moment, I cheered like I won the FA Cup Final.

“I started enjoying the experience and was not embarrassed in any way, shape, or form.”

He added: “Whether or not an orangutan could beat me at ping pong, computer games or a child prodigy could beat me 15 to one, I don’t mind, for me, it was about exploring intelligence and not about me being embarrassed in any way.”

Shaun explained although he is aware of his intelligence, he believed he has common sense in “abundance”.

Speaking about his co-stars, he said: “I know that I am bright, but discovered that I’m clever in a different way to the other two, because there are different forms of intelligence, such as, having emotional intelligence.

“You’ve got common sense, and I would like to think that I’ve got that in abundance.

“The mere fact that you may have an IQ of a million, it doesn’t make you any more superior to anyone else, because you have got to use your intellect in different ways, in different situations.”


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He also explained the importance of having “empathy” for others which can be attributed to levels of intelligence.

Elsewhere, Shaun was left a little flustered after a contestant recently flirted with him on The Chase.

Retired teacher Judi chatted to host Bradley Walsh before going up against the quizmaster in a recent episode.

The 69-year-old from Norwich said she spent her retirement teaching herself the ukulele and wanted to put any cash she won towards a deposit on a motorhome.

Judi managed to get £4,000 in the cash builder before expressing her thoughts about Shaun.

He made a joke saying the only motorhome Judi would be getting is a motor to her home.

Judi hit back and said: “Now Shaun that’s not a nice yummy thing to say, you are yummy, not as yummy as Bradley but still yummy.”

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

The Chaser’s Road Trip: Trains, Brains and Automobiles starts on January 21 at 9pm on ITV.

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