Sophia Abraham: Farrah Abandoned Me on the Side of the Road!

We’re just gonna come right out and say this:

Farrah Abraham is not a good mom.

In fact, she’s a flat-out bad mom, and we’re rarely surprised by new stories of Farrah behaving horribly toward her 12-year-old daughter, Sophia.

That said, Sophia’s latest allegation of mistreatment definitely caught us off guard.

The aspiring young influencer took to Instagram last week and posted a Story that left her followers floored:

“Help my mom left me on the side of the road,” Sophia captioned a photo that appeared to show a desolate field.

Judging by the reaction to Sophia’s post on sites like Reddit, a lot of people didn’t bother to wait for the next slide in the Story.

“Just kidding! Happy April fools day everyone!” she wrote.

Now, this joke isn’t quite as bad as Tori Spelling’s fake pregnancy prank, and we’re willing to cut Sophia some slack because she’s 12.

But you know that the real mastermind behind this gag was none other than Farrah herself.

And if there’s anyone who should know better than to joke about child abandonment, it’s Farrah.

Remember when Farrah was accused of leaving Sophia alone in Los Angeles while she jetted off to Mexico for a long weekend?

How about the many other times she’s been accused of child abuse and neglect?

There are too many to list here, and they’re recent enough that they should probably enter into Farrah’s thinking before she pulls a stunt like this.

And that’s not the only astonishing behavior Farrah has engaged in in the past week.

Despite the fact that her Instagram posts are so incoherent that fans joke about translating “Farrah speak,” Ms. Abraham is now claiming that she has a master’s degree from Harvard.

“Why does your LinkedIn say you have a Masters in Liberal Arts at Harvard University?” one fan asked her on Instagram this week.

“You do know how easy it is to fact check?”

“Thanks for being a hater at someone getting their master’s at Harvard, you’re so funny,” Farrah replied, conspicuously not answering the question.

“But you know what? Bank accounts don’t lie and neither does my baby,” she added.

Farrah then turned to Sophia and put the question to her.

“Where is your mom enrolled for school right now?” she asked.

“Harvard,” Sophia responded.

“Mmmm. Cry,” Farrah said to the camera.

“Cry about it!” her daughter added.

Obviously, it’s bad enough that Farrah is encouraging Sophia to taunt strangers on the internet.

But if she’s gonna make the poor girl lie too, can she at least choose convincing lies?

Farrah went from claiming that she has a master’s from Harvard to claiming that she’s currently taking classes at the prestigious university.

So which is it?

Probably neither, but she’ll never have to answer for any of this because it will all be quickly overshadowed by Farrah’s next ridiculous scandal.

She almost certainly doesn’t give any thought to this tactic, but it’s a surprisingly effective strategy that’s been serving her well for over a decade.

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