Spencer Pratt Live-Tweeting ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ Is EVERYTHING We’ve Ever Needed!

We seriously can’t get enough of The Hills: New Beginnings!

But if there’s one thing we are quickly finding out that we want even more than the re-booted reality TV show, it’s Spencer Pratt live-tweeting the re-booted reality TV show!

This is comedy gold, people!!!

The world saw yet another installment of The Hills: New Beginnings on Monday night, and while most of y’all probably just watched it and moved on, the wicked among us pulled up Pratt’s incredible Twitter feed and let it play along as Brody Jenner, Justin Bobby, Mischa Barton, Heidi Montag, Stephanie Pratt, and all the rest of ’em did their thing on MTV!

Ch-ch-check out just a few of the **literally hundreds** of tweets Spencer shared during Monday night’s episode (below), beginning with his opening salvo calling out Audrina Patridge:

That’s true! Can’t argue with it — have ya SEEN Justin Bobby, y’all?!

In fact, Justin Bobby is a pretty common target for Pratt, who was all over the poor guy throughout the episode, including JB’s tequila bar performance (below):


Poor Justin Bobby! He’s just trying to kick off his music career… about ten years too late.

He’s not Spencer’s only target, though; Pratt Daddy also jumped all over everything in the pool party scene, especially the day drinking choices made by some castmates, including Brody (below):

LOLz!! Making himself a meme… a classic move.

Speaking of classic, you seriously can’t hate on his never-ending love for his longtime wife Heidi, and he’s not afraid to show it off to the whole world (below):


Say what you will about Speidi — you can’t say they aren’t in it for the long haul with each other. They are both crazy as hell… but it works! It’s true love!!

Far from true love, though, is Spencer’s damaged relationship with sis Stephanie… and he wasn’t afraid to call her out quite a bit on this week’s episode (below):

Ha!!! So vicious — but that last tweet is just objectively hilarious!

Sorry, Stephanie!

Pratt also called out Mischa Barton as practically being a no-show the whole time, too (below):


But even worse (or, rather, even better) than the late arrival was Whitney Port‘s total no-show on the entire series re-boot as a whole (below):

Probably true!!!!

Finally, Spencer drops the ultimate truth bomb to end all truth bombs (below):

Yes, Spencer. YES!!! Either a burrito or a crystal… we’re with you on that one!!!


Reactions to all this goofiness, Perezcious readers?!

The Hills: New Beginnings airs on Monday nights on MTV… y’all going to follow along with Spencer again next week, or what?! Sound OFF about it in the comments (below)!!!

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