Steph McGovern opens up on memorable encounter with David Bellamy: ‘He spat in my eye’

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Steph McGovern, 34, opened up about a memorable meeting she once had with the late David Bellamy, who died last December. She was reading out some humorous stories that fans had sent in to her Not Bad For a Monday podcast when one prompted her to tell the unforgettable tale.

When I was a kid, he was doing a talk at this wildlife centre and he was quite a talker and he spat in my eye

Steph McGovern

Following an admission from a listener who had attended a job interview and the interviewer accidentally spat some food onto his lip, Steph burst out laughing and revealed it hit close to home.

“Do you remember David Bellamy?” she asked her co-stars Claire and Geoff.

“He once spat in my eye as a kid.”

Her pals were taken aback, unsure how to respond.

“When I was a kid, he was doing a talk at this wildlife centre and he was quite a talker and he spat in my eye,” she continued as she made puckered sounds with her lips to demonstrate how the iconic botanist used to speak.

“That was his trademark wasn’t it,” Geoff noted.

“Maybe you’d have had a spit-off on a Sunday afternoon.”

More bizarre admissions were to come as Steph read out another story, where an interviewee had accidentally eaten an ice cube while taking a gulp of water and the notion left the former BBC Breakfast presenter a little shaken.

“That’s bringing me back to the Titanic days,” she shuddered as Geoff laughed.

And for good reason to, as she had made a surprising revelation earlier on in the show relating to the historic ship.

The podcast team had been discussing a job applicant who had applied for a role solely because she had a “connection to the building”, something Claire and Geoff couldn’t understand.

“Have any of you felt some kind of physic connection with a building?” he joked, not prepared for what came next.

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“No, but I do love buildings,” Claire replied while something more surprising came out of Steph’s mouth.

“I think I was on the Titanic,” she stated.

Geoff started spluttering, unable to comprehend what he’d just heard.

“What?!” Claire asked repeatedly, also equally as confused.

“I think in another life I was on the Titanic,” Steph replied.

“Whenever I watch that film I feel a weird connection with it.

“That film roused something in me.”

Her co-stars shrugged off the bizarre claim while Steph remains adamant she was onboard the ship when it famously sank and still remains in the North Atlantic Ocean.

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