‘Stranger Things’ Star Opens Up About That Coming Out Scene

SPOILER ALERT – This post contains spoilers for the third season of Stranger Things, so continue reading at your own risk!

In the seventh episode of Stranger Things 3, there is a touching coming out scene that fans are totally loving.

There has been so much praise on Twitter about how the show including an LGBTQ character is such a great step for representation and equality. This is basically one of the biggest shows in television these days, after all!

The star who plays the character who came out is opening up about filming that scene.

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Maya Hawke joined the show this season as Robin, who was seemingly a love interest for Joe Keery‘s Steve. When he finally confessed his feelings to her in episode seven, she came out to him.

“The great thing about Stranger Things is it has such a reach and so many people watch it in the middle of the country. Even a little gesture like having a gay character is a big deal,” Maya told THR. “It feels wonderful to have a piece of that humanity involved in this giant action-packed drama. It’s such an amazing thing the Duffer Brothers did, stopping the whole show — there’s an action scene going on [elsewhere in the episode] — and it stops for a seven-minute conversation between two people who really care about each other. It’s a really beautiful thing. I feel really lucky that I got to play that.”

During the scene, Robin tells Steve that he doesn’t know the real her and she doesn’t think he’d like her if he really knew her.

“Robin starts the season with a lot of hard walls,” Maya said about her character’s journey. “The more she gets involved with this mystery, the more herself she becomes. The reason she has all these hard walls is that she doesn’t feel like she fits in. She feels like an odd one out. She’s gay, and nobody knows that. There’s a lot she’s bored by, and there’s a lot she’s too nervous to express about herself that makes a person put up a lot of walls. But once these other characters start to reveal themselves to her, and once she gets to be on the front of a mission, her personality really comes through because she feels like herself. She can use her abilities, and she be useful, and nothing makes a person feel better than being useful.”

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