Styx Bassist Says There Will ‘Absolutely’ Be Another Album

Styx bass player Ricky Phillips says the band will “absolutely” make a new album, and the members have already started discussing it.

“I think there’s already ideas flowing. And as soon as we find a break — probably more towards the end of the year — we’ll probably start formulating those ideas a little deeper. But, yeah, it’s in motion,” Philips said in an interview with Audio Ink Radio.

Sharing his thoughts on the current state of rock ‘n’ roll, Philips said, “As long as people realize what rock ‘n ‘roll is and want to carry the torch, I think it’s valid and seems to be continuing to please generations.”

“I look out and see 6-year-old kids holding the band’s name on a sign, and now that same kid is in his 30s having kids of his own, and I know some of these people….. It’s something that seems to span more generations than any other music I’ve known. It’s not the biggest music of the day, but I think people still love rock ‘n’ roll,” he told Anne Erickson.

Styx released their last album, The Mission, in June 2017 after a gap of 14 years.

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