Tamara Ecclestone jets to her SIXTH country during UK lockdown

Tamara Ecclestone jets to her SIXTH country during UK lockdown as she flies to Beverly Hills for Easter with her family – after announcing the family have ‘no plans to return to London’

Tamara Ecclestone has jetted to her sixth country since the start of the Covid lockdown, after flying to Beverly Hills to celebrate Easter with her family.

The heiress, 36, recently took to Instagram to share a slew of snaps with her husband Jay Rutland and their two daughters of the low-key celebration, 

Since the start of the Covid pandemic, Tamara has travelled to multiple countries after revealing she has ‘no plans’ to return to London, including The Maldives, Dubai, Croatia and Switzerland. 

Another break? Tamara Ecclestone has jetted to her sixth country since the start of the Covid lockdown, after flying to Beverly Hills to celebrate Easter with her family

Globe-trotter: Since the start of the Covid pandemic, Tamara has travelled to multiple countries after revealing she has ‘no plans’ to return to London

Tamara had previously said she has no plans to return to London following the dramatic security lapse that led to a multi-million pound jewel heist at her West London home.

The Formula One heiress has barely been back to the UK since June and her husband Jay Rutland admitted concerns over his family’s safety was one reason they had not been back more.

Jurors at a recent trial related to the burglary heard the home was so huge that security staff did not notice the thieves breaking in through the back garden or plundering several rooms of the house during the hour-long raid.

Speaking from Dubai about their plans, 39-year-old businessman Jay told MailOnline: ‘We do not intend to return to the UK from Dubai.

‘There are a host of reasons why we are not going back to London any time soon and security is one of them. The truth is we are playing it month by month and watching how the situation develops.’

Mr Rutland denied that he and Miss Ecclestone, 36, had broken travel restrictions as they had not returned to the UK since leaving the country in June 2020.

‘We have not broken the lockdown rules to come Dubai, that is not what we have done,’ he told MailOnline. ‘At the beginning of the outbreak last year we really stuck to the rules. 

‘From March to May we locked down and did not leave the house [in London]. We went to Croatia in [June in] the summer, but that was only after the rules changed and everyone was allowed to travel.

‘From there we went to Switzerland and we stayed there until Christmas when we came here to Dubai. There are a host of reasons why are not planning to return to London any time soon.

‘Security is one of them but certainly not the only reason. There is not a strict plan about when we are going to return to the UK or to Switzerland. Switzerland is in lockdown as well.

‘Therefore, my gallery is closed and I can do any work I need to do remotely. We are here on an extended holiday while all this stuff is going on.’  

Tamara’s ‘Illness-phobic’ billionaire sister Petra has previous defended travelling to seven countries in lockdown to ‘escape coronavirus’, claiming that ‘others would if they could’.

The heiress, 32, has travelled with her fiancé Sam Palmer, 37, and four children from London to Croatia to LA, then Switzerland, Monaco and France, then back to LA and Monaco, then The Maldives and back to Monaco since March last year.

Talking to the Times’ T2, Petra asserted she hasn’t broken rules and said: ‘We’re currently in Monaco. For now. Not sure where we’ll be next week . . . We’re very Covid-conscious. We’ve flown completely around the world to try and miss it. What I think we’ve realised now is you can’t run from coronavirus.’

The couple returned to London from their home in LA just as the pandemic hit last year and they hardly left the house at this point.  

They then flew to Croatia to stay on her Formula One boss dad Bernie’s yacht for one month in the summer.

But because her sister Tamara, 36, and her father Bernie, 90, were both in Switzerland with their families, they decided to go there so their children could partake in outdoor activities instead of being cooped up at home.

As the virus grew, the family travelled to Monaco after two months because ‘it has done very well for coronavirus,’ Sam noted. 

Despite schools being open there, the couple have been home-schooling their children but their nanny-housekeeper contracted coronavirus and so they’ve been doing everything themselves.

Acknowledging how difficult single mothers would be finding this situation, homeschooling in an apartment, Sam said, ‘we can’t really complain.’

Petra regards herself as being illness-phobic due to a near-death experience with meningitis when she was aged 14. 

She noted: ‘I’m a huge hypochondriac. I hate germs and anything that I’m not in 100 per cent control over gives me anxiety. So this whole virus . . . it scares me and it isn’t great for my anxiety. ‘

Petra’s father Bernie is worth $3.2billion and Petra famously sold her LA home for £97 million in 2019 – Essex born Sam who was new to this lifestyle noticed ways to cut costs and launched a staffing agency to the super-rich as a result.

While the couple, who have been together since 2017, know they get to live a privileged lifestyle, they are unapologetic for the benefits this has given them, particularly in lockdown.

He added: ‘A lot of people get blinded by the wealth. We are parents with four children. I think people think that we sit around eating lobster and bathing in champagne. It couldn’t be further from the truth and that’s really why we did this [P.S Say Cheese] podcast, to show we are very normal people.’

The couple also touch upon their holiday last month in the Maldives and were asked if they are worried about being judged in these coronavirus times as envious Brits back home remain banned for non-essential travel.

Nothing that, ‘we’re living in a country where you’re able to travel’, Sam asserted that there is always going to be a wealth divide.

He said: ‘Precoronavirus there were people starving in the world. Everyone was still posting pictures of food… It’s like the world has to pretend there isn’t wealth any more. There’s still the same problems systematically. And I think probably a lot of it they’ve turned on to other people.’

And while Petra, who was previously married to bullion dealer James Stunt from 2011-2017, acknowledges that the fact she gets to travel is ‘unfair’ but said that ‘if others had the opportunity, they’d go on holiday too.’

Her sister Tamara was criticised for living in up in G’Staad and then travelling to Dubai, but she maintains she travelled from Switzerland and not the UK, not breaking regulations.

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