Tekashi69 Snitches to Get Out of Prison, Gets Mercilessly Dragged Online

Back in November, Tekashi69 was arrested on such a lengthy list charges that it might be easier to list the crimes of which he hasn’t been accused.

Suffice it to say, entire epic-length, Scorsese-esque crime dramas have won Oscars with far less material than can currently be found in the pages of Mr. 69’s rap sheet.

Soliciting sex from a minor? Tekashi stands accused.

Putting out a hit on one of his rivals? Prosecutors say the rapper is guilty.

Conspiring to murder 50 Cent? Tekashi’s own gang admits to going down that road.

You get the idea.

With all that he’s been accused of, it should come as no surprise that Tekaashi is facing life in prison.

And it probably won’t come as much of a shock that he’s turned state’s witness in an effort to avoid that rather unpleasant fate.

Tekashi pled not guilty at his initial hearing late last year.

On Tuesday, the 23-year-old — whose real name is Daniel Hernandez — took the stand for two hours of testimony, and he instantly began dropping names faster than Andy Cohen at a cocktail party.

Hernandez was a member of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, which almost seems like overkill in the “scary gang name” department, but we’re gonna refrain from further comment for fear of pissing these guys off.

He testified in the trial of Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack and Anthony “Harv” Ellison this week, and according to TMZ, the “clearly panicked” rapper identified the defendants as members of the Nine Trey gang.

During his two hours of testimony, Tekashi claimed that he met the gang’s top brass while filming the gang-themed video for his single “Gummo.”

“The gang image. Promote it. That’s what people like. It was a formula, a blueprint, I found that worked,” he told the jury.

Tekashi says he and the gang members worked out an arrangement by which they would provide protection in exchange for access to his wealth and connections.

Within months, Hernandez was an official member of the gang, with imprisoned Nine Trey leader Kifano “Shotti” Jordan serving as his manager.

Needless to say, Tekashi soon found himself in over his head.

Not only did he name names in court, Tekashi translated a mountain of arcane gang lingo for the jury like he some rainbow-haired incarnation of a Peaky Blinders fan page:

“Blicky is another word for a gun,” he told prosecutors, according to the New York Daily News.

“‘Billy’ is Nine Trey. ‘Hoover’ is its own set [of the gang].”

He’s expected to serve a shorter sentence in exchange for his testimony, but it’ll likely be quite some time before 69 feels safe on the outside.

On social media, Tekashi is already getting roasted for turning snitch.

In addition to being the subject of countless unflattering memes, he has been harshly criticized by rappers both young (Skinnyfromthe9) and old (Snoop Dogg) for violating the sacred code of the streets.

Of course these days, Hernandez’s reputation is probably the last thing on his mind.

We’re guessing not getting shivved in the lunch line is more of a priority. 

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