The Daily Mail didn’t delete those photos of the Cambridges at Heathrow after all

As we discussed over the weekend, there was a strange back-and-forth with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. William, Kate, their kids and their nanny Maria were all seen and photographed at Heathrow last Thursday, presumably heading off for vacation. Will and Kate telegraphed the vacation, with People Magazine reporting last week that we likely wouldn’t see W&K for a week or two because their kids’ school was off. Instead of simply taking the train (or the helicopter) up to Norfolk for a few weeks, Will and Kate clearly decided that they needed either a beach vacation or a ski vacation. Thus far, we have not heard about where they went.

Will and Kate going on vacation and/or going dark is nothing new. They often go without being seen for weeks at a time, and no one says sh-t about it. The Heathrow photos were curious because they were even published in the first place, and because Will and Kate were clearly leaving for their vacation knowing that the Queen’s health situation was and is bad. I imagine there was a lot of angry shouting from Baldemort and many British outlets removed the photos and their stories.

I thought the Daily Mail removed every trace of those pics, but they did not. They removed the story and played some games with the URL, but the photos are still “up” at the Mail – go here to see. They’re being run under the headline “Keep calm and carry on! Wills and Kate are spotted at Heathrow with George, Charlotte and Louis in tow after Queen’s hospital stay sparks concerns of a ‘failed cover up’ attempt at the palace.” So instead of being criticized for high-tailing out of the country during the Queen’s health crisis, they’re being praised for keeping calm. The Mail has also kept the photos from “trending” on their top stories lineup. Hilarious.

As for all the theories about who set up what and what it all means… I’m still of the opinion that William didn’t actually want these photos out there, and he’s probably pretty pissed that the Mail still has them up in some form. Now, is William pissed enough to actually cut his vacation short? LOL.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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