The Lumineers Show Brutal Impact Of Alcohol Abuse

In the first installment of a three-part saga recounting the tales of the fictional Sparks family, The Lumineers released a chilling music video to accompany their latest single, Gloria, which describes a man’s relationship with a woman of the same name who suffers from alcoholism.

“Gloria, I smell it on your breath/Gloria, booze and peppermint/Gloria, no one said enough is enough” sings frontman, Wesley Schultz as Gloria’s story unfurls; we see her drinking copious amounts of alcohol in secret, aggressively fighting with her husband, and even abandoning him in a critical condition after crashing their car while driving drunk.

To be released as three, separate chapters in the form of a collection of 3 EPs, the band’s upcoming album, III is scheduled for release on September 13.

One of the 10 tracks on III, “Gloria” will soon be joined by “Donna” and “Life in the City,” completing the story arc of Gloria, which is whom the first of the three chapters is all about.

The next two chapters are set to revolve around Gloria’s grandson, Junior and her son, Jimmy Sparks.

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