These 20 Celebrities Are Some Of The Richest In The World — Can You Guess Who Makes More?

Forbes just released their list of the World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities, a ranking of the 100 stars who earned the most money between June 2018 and June 2019.

So, can YOU figure out who raked in the most cash over the past year? Let’s find out!

  1. Via Getty

    Taylor SwiftVia Getty

    Via Getty

    Kylie JennerVia GettyCorrect! Wrong! 

    Taylor Swift earned more!

  2. Via Getty

    Dr. PhilVia Getty

    Via Getty

    Kanye WestVia GettyCorrect! Wrong! 

    Kanye earned more!

  3. Via Getty

    J.K. RowlingVia Getty

    Via Getty

    Dwayne “The Rock” JohnsonVia GettyCorrect! Wrong! 

    J.K. Rowling earned more!

  4. Via Getty

    BeyoncéVia Getty

    Via Getty

    Ellen DeGeneresVia GettyCorrect! Wrong! 

    Beyoncé earned more!

  5. Via Getty

    Kim Kardashian WestVia Getty

    Via Getty

    DrakeVia GettyCorrect! Wrong! 

    Drake earned more!

  6. Via Getty

    RihannaVia Getty

    Via Getty

    Gordon RamsayVia GettyCorrect! Wrong! 

    Gordon Ramsay earned more!

  7. Via Getty

    Katy PerryVia Getty

    Via Getty

    Bradley CooperVia GettyCorrect! Wrong! 

    Katy earned more!

  8. Via Getty

    Judge JudyVia Getty

    Via Getty

    Bruno MarsVia GettyCorrect! Wrong! 

    Bruno Mars earned more!

  9. Via Getty

    Paul RuddVia Getty

    Via Getty

    Ariana GrandeVia GettyCorrect! Wrong! 

    Ariana earned more!

  10. Via Getty

    Shawn MendesVia Getty

    Via Getty

    Celine DionVia GettyCorrect! Wrong! 

    Shawn earned more!

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