Tina Turner opens up about losing son to suicide, career

Tina Turner opened up about losing her son to suicide last year, as well as her tumultuous relationship with Ike Turner and life with husband Edwin Bach, in a new interview that aired Sunday.

The legendary singer spoke with CBS News’ Gayle King about her memoir “My Love Story” and the years since her retirement in 2007, including about her son Craig, who fatally shot himself last July at age 59.

“I think Craig was lonely, that’s what I think really got him more than anything else,” said Turner, 79. “I have pictures all around of him smiling, and I think I’m sensing that he’s in a good place. I really do.”

The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll has also endured a stroke, intestinal cancer and kidney failure.

She revealed that her 63-year-old husband Erwin offered to donate one of his kidneys to her when she needed it. She said that at first, she told him: ” ‘Yes, but darling, you’re young, and I’m already old. And I don’t mind. ‘

Then, the rock legend said she thought, “In Buddhism, you’re taught that you live and you die. It’s something that’s accepted. And so then after Erwin said that, I said, ‘OK, darling, if you’re willing to give up a kidney, then fine.’ ”

She eventually underwent the transplant with the kidney donated by Erwin.

Turner, who is now a citizen of Switzerland and lives in Zurich, married the German record executive six years ago and said their nuptials were “the first time that I got married, as far as I was concerned.

“When Ike asked me to marry him, I knew it was for a reason. But I had to say yes … or it was gonna be a fight. And so then, when we drove to marry, that wasn’t my idea of my wedding,” she said.

Turner said she still gets “emotional” when talking about her first wedding and husband and music partner Ike, who died in 2007.

“I get emotional because in the beginning, Ike was very good to me,” she said.

Then he became abusive and “was cruel because he depended on me,” Turner said.

“He didn’t like that he had had to depend on me. And I didn’t want to start a fight because it was always a black eye, a broken nose, a busted lip, a rib.”

Turner went on to have a massively successful solo career after “Ike & Tina,” getting her first No. 1 single at 44 and eventually selling more than 200 million records.

She retired in 2007 after her last tour, telling King, “I got on that plane … I took a deep breath, and I said, ‘It’s over.’ I really felt like it’s over. And I’m glad it’s over. And I went home.”

King replied: “People miss you, though, Tina.”

“That’s OK,” Turner said, laughing. “They can go watch the videos. I tell you, when I watch the videos I’m jumping and moving. But enjoy those. But I’m finished with it.”

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