Travis Barker: I’m In Love With Kourtney Kardashian!

It’s been less than three months since we first learned that Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are dating.

But it seems the lovebirds have been speeding past the usual relationship milestones at breakneck speed.

In fact, it appears that Travis and Kourtney took a major leap forward together this week — and they just couldn’t wait to tell the world about it.

Earlier this week, Travis shared a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Instagram Story that immediately got his followers talking.

It was just a scrap of paper with three short words scribbled on it.

But it might speak volumes about the state of their relationship, as well as where it’s headed.

As you can see, Travis didn’t go so far as to write “I love you, Kourtney,” but he knew how fans would react to this note and he posted it anyway.

That might tell us just about everything we need to know.

Kourtney has yet to reciprocate — at least publicly — but insiders say there’s no doubt that she’s head over heels for Travis.

“He is a great boyfriend and really treats her well,” a source close to the the situation tells E! News.

“He showers her with gifts and compliments. She’s enjoying it. It’s very easy to date him because they have known each other for so long,” the insider adds.

“He was always into her and it finally happened.” 

“They have a great foundation from being friends for so long,” the source continued. 

The insider confirms that the relationship is moving quickly following a delayed start.

It seems that Travis had been chasing after Kourtney for years, but she continually insisted that she only wanted to be friends.

Clearly, she’s had a change of heart.

“They have fun together. Their kids like each other and it’s working for now. She’s loving the attention and having Travis in her life in this new way.”

“He’s always wanted to date her, but she would brush it off, and they continued to just have a friendship,” an insider previously shared.

Perhaps the lengthy pursuit wound up making Travis more appreciative of Kourtney.

Whatever the case, these two seem to feel very lucky to have found one another.

“Their relationship is going strong, and Travis has been treating her like a queen,” the insider added.

“He wants to do everything with her and is so excited about the relationship. It’s going really well and Travis’ kids love Kourtney.”

So what’s next for Travis and Kourtney?

Well, it wouldn’t be a Kardashian relationship if they weren’t working on some sort of business venture together, and apparently, Kourt is focused on making Travis even richer than he already is.

“She’s really happy and is having a lot of fun,” the source shared.

“They are planning a few more getaways together in the next coming months,” the insider added.

“Kourt is also helping Travis on his wellness line, and he loves hearing her input on the project.”

Yes, Scott Disick might be moving in with Amelia Hamlin, but we doubt that Kourtney is the least bit bothered by what her ex is up to.

It looks to us like she’s finally found everything she was looking for in a relationship.

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