Trisha Paytas Is Faking Her Injury? Britney Spears’ Conservatorship To End? Nicki Minaj’s Big Flop

Trisha Paytas was rushed to the emergency room recently, but is it a big con? A non-relative may be Britney Spears‘ new conservator. Is it time for this legal guardianship of her life to end? Meghan Markle upsets the royal family – again! Nicki Minaj has no respect for her fans! Justin Bieber is fighting back! Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard! Charlie Sheen is a deadbeat dad!

And more of today’s hottest headlines, including Ariana Grande, Lizzo, Jersey Shore, Billie Eilish, Iggy Azalea, Zooey Deschanel, Todd Chrisley, Gigi Hadid, Azealia Banks and MORE! Watch! LINKS BELOW!

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JAMIE SPEARS to step down as Britey Spears’ conservator – temporarily:


JAMIE LYNN SPEARS says she did not unfollow Britney:


NICKI MINJA backtracks on retirement talk:


JUSTIN BIEBER defends his wife:


RONNIE ORTIZ-MAGRO and Jenn break up – again:


CHARLIE SHEEN owes Denise Richards 500k:


TYLER CAMERON accompanies Gigi Hadid to bury grandma:


AMBER HEARD wants to keep Johnny Depp trial secret:


ARIANA GRANDE is single, says her brother:


MEGHAN MARKLE’s Hollywood team:


BILLIE EILISH quits twitter:



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