Vanessa Hudgens Celebrated Valentine's Day By Singing About Loving Herself

It seems like so much has happened since Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler’s breakup made everyone long for the simpler High School Musical days, but it’s only been one month since People magazine confirmed the news. After nearly nine years together, Vanessa is flying solo this Valentine’s Day and is taking time to celebrate herself.

This afternoon, she took to Instagram to reveal her plan for the day and it revolves around her and some fun filters. In the first of a series of videos, Vanessa put her own spin on the “Happy Birthday” song and sang, “Happy Valentine’s to me, happy Valentine’s to me, happy day of loving myself, happy Valentine’s Day to me!” In the second, she laughed and added, “And happy Valentine’s Day to you, too.”

In another, she said, “Who needs a valentine when you’ve got this guy,” referring to the virtual teddy bear filter that she jokingly licked. And in the very last video, she declared, “There are just so many damn filters for this holiday,” before adding, “Everybody loves love, wah!”

But do not get it twisted: Even though Vanessa and Austin reportedly talked about getting engaged before their breakup, she isn’t sitting around and moping. The day after the split, she went to the Bad Boys premiere in a gorgeous white feathered dress. And most recently, she has been linked to Lakers player Kyle Kuzma, who was deemed “a great distraction for her right now.”

A People source explained, “She’s living it up and having fun. She seems really happy and excited about life, honestly.” Good for her!

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