‘We’ve lost our business’ Adam Henson recalls breaking down over farm worries

Countryfile: Adam Henson discusses sheep shearing

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Countryfile presenter Adam Henson has admitted he was left worried during the pandemic about the future of his business. The much-loved television farmer was left convinced they might have “lost” their career as a result.

Adam is known for fronting a number of farming shows, including the BBC series Countryfile.

However, the farmer has admitted he’s not been immune to the impact of the past year.

In a recent interview, he detailed his worries about his business during these turbulent times.

As many may know, Adam runs the Cotswold Farm Park in Cheltenham.

Although, when the pandemic hit, he was forced to close the park down for several months.

Speaking about this time, Adam said: “In the beginning, we sent all our staff home and gave them a week’s paid holiday.

“Then the country went into lockdown. I was crying thinking, ‘This is it. We’ve lost the business.’

“But thankfully the furlough scheme came in. But it’s been a tough 18 months.”

The farming star also admitted in his chat with the Radio Times, he’d have “really struggled” if he hadn’t been on his farm for lockdown.

He continued: “I’m a big open-spaces person; being stuck indoors would have been a nightmare. I’d have gone crazy.”

Adam will be returning to screens this week with a new farming series called Our Family Farm Rescue.

Airing on Channel 5, the four-part series will see Adam helping farmers diversify in order to save their businesses.

Using everything from glamping pods to farm shops, he will share his expertise.

Elsewhere, Adam recently opened on Countryfile about the dismal profits British farmers face.

Speaking about sheep shearing, he told viewers: “In days gone by this would have been a really valuable sought after product.

“But over decades, it’s declined in value because it’s been replaced by synthetics in the textile industry. A crying shame.

“For many sheep farmers up and down the country, the value they get for their wool is less than it costs to get it off their backs so they’re making a loss.

“The price of a sheep’s fleece has fallen so low that some remote hill farmers have been burning or burying their wool rather than selling it for next to nothing.”

As a farmer himself, Adam went on to explain how the industry is trying to encourage people to keep buying wool.

You can read the full interview with Adam Henson in this week’s Radio Times.

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