Whoopi Goldberg Tests Negative for COVID-19 After Skipping ‘The View’ Due to Potential Exposure

As explained by her co-host, Joy Behar, the ‘Sister Act’ star is ‘fine and healthy’ after being in close contact with someone who tested positive for the deadly virus.

AceShowbizWhoopi Goldberg is safe from COVID-19. The TV hostess, who was recently absent from “The View” after she was in close contact with someone positive, has been confirmed negative for the deadly virus.

Following her possible exposure to COVID-19, the “Sister Act” actress skipped her hosting duty on “The View” on Wednesday, December 15. Her co-host, Joy Behar, said that while the 66-year-old TV personality felt “fine and healthy,” she will miss Thursday’s show as well.

“Whoopi wanted me to tell everyone because she feels fine and healthy but because she was in close contact with someone who tested positive, she won’t be here today and tomorrow,” Joy explained on the show. The 79-year-old comedianne further noted that while Whoopi has tested negative, the show’s staff are prohibited from entering the studio if they’ve come in contact with the virus.

“If you’re near someone who has been exposed and is positive, you can’t come here. That’s the way we operate here,” Joy added. “She also wanted me to share that she tested negative earlier today and she had her booster. You will see her on Friday because we taped a show earlier this week.”

Whoopi was already fully vaccinated. The TV personality, who has been co-hosting the daytime series since 2007, revealed in March that she got her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The most important step that everybody can do to end all that’s happening is you got to get vaccinated,” she said at the time on ‘The View’. “And I am happy to tell you that last night, I finally got my first shot at New York’s 24-hour vaccination site at the Javits Center.”

Whoopi continued, “Let me tell you, I was sweating. When you look at it on the news, the needle looks this big. It turns out, the needle is this big and I didn’t feel it.” She added, “That was important. And I said to them, ‘How do we tell people that it’s not this gigantic thing?’ We have to get folks in here to make that decision and also, to do it for other folks.”

Whoopi further urged people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, noting that it’s the only way the society can return to normal. “This is no joke. People are still dying,” she stressed, adding that “we’re on the road” to overcoming the pandemic.

Then in April, Whoopi showed fans her experience getting her second COVID-19 shot. “It’s in, it’s good, it’s done,” she said while being injected with the vaccine. “As you see, I did it. I did it. So, I got my second shot.”

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