Why Jimmy Fallon And Kate Hudson Never Dated

There are so many celebrity couples you may have forgotten dated, but what about the ones who almost dated? This is the case for Jimmy Fallon and Kate Hudson, who met and became really close friends when they starred in 2000’s Almost Famous. The film, which follows a high-school journalist writing a story for Rolling Stone about an up-and-coming rock band in the early 1970s, starred Hudson as “not band groupie” Penny Lane and Fallon as the band’s manager. The movie was critically acclaimed and went on to win an Oscar, Grammy, and two Golden Globes. As it turns out, there may have been a romance brewing behind-the scenes as  nearly two decades later, Fallon admitted to Margot Robbie (per E!), that his relationship with Hudson could have turned romantic.

Despite sharing that he and Hudson had “some of the best laughs I ever had in my entire lifetime” while filming the movie in California, Fallon said he just never felt the moment was right to ask his co-star out. However, he read the whole situation wrong, according to Hudson, as she later publicly called Fallon out. Keep scrolling to find out what Hudson would have said had Fallon shot his shot with her all those years ago.

Kate Hudson would have said yes to a date if Jimmy Fallon had asked

During her own Tonight Show interview in 2020, Kate Hudson told her side of the story and revealed Jimmy Fallon blew his chance to date her because he never made a move on her. “I wish people could be in my body to watch you and I’s, like, relationship and friendship, because you gave me no indication,” the actress said to which Fallon responded: “I don’t know. I felt like [I gave] a little indication. I thought we were good together. We were good buddies. We hung out all the time.”

But Hudson said had the late-night host “actually made a move,” she would have “totally gone there.” She explained, “I remember thinking to myself, like, ‘Why has Jimmy never made like, a move?’ And then I just kind of realized, ‘Oh, he’s not into me like that.’ I was just like ‘Okay, well, whatever.'” 

Then, Hudson met musician Chris Robinson and the two quickly got married on New Year’s Eve 2000. As for Fallon, he married wife Nancy Juvonen in 2007 so it seems like it just wasn’t meant to be between the stars as they both agreed their whole lives could have been different had they gone on a date in the 2000s. “Everything turned out perfectly,” Fallon said, before Hudson added: “Exactly the way it was supposed to.” 

Sometimes destiny has a funny way of not making things happen.

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