Wu-Tang Affiliated Rapper Who Cut Off Own Penis Gets Married

12:49 PM PT — Christ joined us on “TMZ Live” Friday to tell us more about his new wife while setting the record straight on the state of his penis.

Bearer says his junk was NOT reattached … instead, he says he’s experienced more of a regeneration downstairs and is still able to perform in the bedroom.

Christ tells us why there’s a slim chance he and Cheryl could have kids … and reveals how our reporting actually helped the matchmaking process.

Christ Bearer — the rapper who chopped off his own manhood — is a married man now … proving once and for all, there’s someone special out there for everybody.

The former Wu-Tang affiliated MC tells TMZ … he and his new wife, Cheryl, tied the knot Dec. 30 in a super-small ceremony … and his junk was fully functional on their wedding night!!!

Christ tells us he and Cheryl dated for 6 months before walking down the aisle, and they’ve known each other even longer. He says she keeps him grounded and focused on his work, and she’s been his support system ever since his painful penis incident.

You’ll recall … Christ Bearer cut off his man meat before jumping out a window during a mental breakdown back in 2014, but surgeons were able to reattach his wood.

Bearer even tried to land a starring role in a porno film … but it didn’t pan out and he moved on to stand up comedy.

Now, CB says he’s working on a new album … and he’s also planning a much bigger wedding ceremony with Cheryl.


Originally Published — 12:40 AM PT

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