You can get five-blade women’s razors so cheap on Amazon

I just discovered that Amazon has their own generic brand of household products called Solimo and I’m considering trying it out. Some of the products, like tissues, aren’t cheaper than at discount outlets, but other products, like the razors below, are a total bargain. Some prices rival Costco. So I think I’ll be price shopping from now on.

12 cartridges of five-blade women’s razors for just $14.24

I’m always looking for razors on sale as I like the Venus brand and the refills are so expensive. This is a great bargain at just $14.24 for a razor handle and 12 five-blade refills! It even comes with a shower hanger. That’s so much cheaper than I’m used to. You can try it out with one handle and two blades for $5.99, which is half the price of the Venus. This has 243 reviews, 4.4 stars and a B from Fakespot. Sold. It looks more similar to the Schick Hydro than the Venus, but that’s ok at this price.

Three Laura Gellar eye and cheek travel palettes for $27

Because this brand is typically pricier I thought that you would only get one eye and cheek palette in this listing, but you get all three for $27! (Typical Laura Gellar eyeshadow palettes are around $40.) Check out the looks on Amazon, this has some beautiful shimmery pastels and nudes for gorgeous color combinations. Reviewers write “I love the colors!” that the palettes “are the perfect size for travel,” and say that “they’re great quality and look beautiful.”

A vibration platform for at-home fitness gains and pain relief

This is the number one best selling vibration platform machine on Amazon. At $164 it’s not cheap, but Power Plate sessions at the gym can add up so it should pay for itself in no time. This has 309 reviews, 4.8 stars and an B from Fakespot. I’m not necessarily recommending this, I’m just interested to see if any of you own anything similar to this and like it. These vibration platforms are used by physical therapists and they’re supposed to help recovery and to speed up fitness gains when used during workouts. People say it helps increase the intensity of workouts and that it is excellent for stimulating circulation and for relieving muscle pain. Reviewers also speak highly of the customer support. You can get plenty of workouts for this on YouTube.

French fry and veggie dipping cups for snacking and parties

These clever BPA-free dipping cups come with a large area for fries, veggies, breadsticks or your snack of choice and another smaller well for ketchup or other dipping sauce. I’ve had fries out of similar high cups at restaurants and they’re great for sharing. These would be awesome to have at parties or just for a nice treat for your kids. I think I’ll buy them to surprise my son. You get four for $21.95. They have 4.1 stars, 22 reviews and an A from Fakespot. Reviewers say they’re great for veggies and dips, they’re lightweight and that kids love them.

A Wonder Woman branded single cup coffee maker

This would be awesome at the office near your desk for when you want an extra cup of coffee that’s fresh and don’t want to drink the old coffee in the communal kitchen or make an entire pot. It’s said to be a “great little coffee maker” that doesn’t take up much space and is very fast, only taking just a minute to brew a cup. It also comes in Captain America, Star Wars, Superman and Batman versions.

A gift set of socks packaged to look like sushi

This set of three socks comes packaged to look like tuna, cucumber and salmon sushi complete with a clear container and little wasabi and ginger. People call them “so unique,” “creative” and “a hit” as a gift. There are also socks packaged to look like pizza which come in a little pizza box!

A ticket stub diary to organize your memories

This is such a great idea! I’m one of those people who saves ticket stubs from everything, especially concerts and movies. I go to so many movies. This has pages with plastic sleeves to insert your ticket and a lined paper area next to it to write down notes about the event. It would even be great for saving small mementos like match boxes and even brochures and guides. One woman writes that her husband’s ticket collection was getting unwieldy and that “this was the perfect solution to a messy situation.”

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