‘Brains were Swiss cheese’ Marilyn Monroe slammed by director for acting struggles

Marilyn Monroe: Murder covered up as suicide insists cop

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Marilyn Monroe was one of the most popular actors from the golden age of Hollywood. The blonde bombshell starred in 29 films across 20 years and earned 10 awards for her performances. The end of the star’s tragic life came in August 1962 when she was found dead in her home in Los Angeles. Three years prior, she was causing problems on the set of Some Like It Hot.

Marilyn worked closely with director Billy Wilder for the picture, who originally thought the diva was an asset to the film.

But, before long, she started acting up, leaving the director to become enraged by her actions.

Marilyn was reportedly very late to set often. And when she did arrive, she would plague the director with endless dreadful takes of simple lines.

The star would flub saying simple things such as: “Where’s that bourbon?” or “It’s me, Sugar.”

After shooting had wrapped, Billy was not kind about Marilyn to the press.

Billy was quoted as saying: “The question is whether Marilyn is a person at all or one of the greatest DuPont products ever invented. “She has breasts like granite; she defies gravity; and has a brain like Swiss cheese – full of holes.” She would also defer to her acting coach instead of Billy, sparking further issues within the film’s shoot.

Jack Lemmon as Jerry in Some Like It Hot

Marilyn also caused some tension with her co-stars, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.

Because Marilyn was struggling to get even the simplest of lines correct, he was being forced to use any good take she did.

This meant that Tony and Jack had to be absolutely perfect every single time through fear of messing up one of Marilyn’s rare good takes.

Billy later said of working with Marilyn again: “I have discussed this with my doctor and my psychiatrist and they tell me I’m too old and too rich to go through this again.”

Marilyn wasn’t too happy about how Billy had been talking about her after the film had been released.

The Hollywood star reportedly called Billy after reading this interview and politely told him to “go f**k himself”.

This wasn’t the only time Marilyn had issues on a feature film.

In 1962 Marilyn was working on what would be her final feature film, Something’s Got to Give.

Marilyn was on sick leave for several days multiple times throughout the shooting, prompting FOX to fire her from the movie.

To add insult to injury, the company then sued her for $750,000 in damages.

Months later they began renegotiating her part in the film, but she died before they could be completed.

Marilyn was found in her home on August 4, 1962, with a massive amount of barbiturates in her blood. Her death was deemed a suicide.


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