Chris Evans Says His ‘Blood Is Boiling’ Over Rick Moranis Being Attacked: ‘You Don’t Touch’ Him

Chris Evans had a strong reaction to hearing beloved actor Rick Moranis was the victim of a random attack near his New York City home.

The Captain America star reacted on Twitter after news broke Friday morning.

"My blood is boiling. Find this man. You don’t touch Rick Moranis," Evans, 39, wrote.

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NYPD released video showing Moranis walking down the street in New York City, near his Upper West Side apartment by Central Park, when an unidentified man suddenly sucker-punches him in the head and walks away. An NYPD source confirms to PEOPLE the victim seen in the video is Moranis, 67. (New York's local CBS station first reported on his identity.)

The video doesn't appear to show any sign of previous contact between the two as they approached each other from different directions. Footage shows the actor falling to the ground after being punched while the suspect walks away.

According to the CBS report, Moranis went to a local hospital with pain in his head, back and hip. He then went to the 20th NYPD precinct to report the incident.

Moranis' rep told The Hollywood Reporter the actor is "fine but grateful for everyone’s thoughts and well wishes."

The NYPD Tips Twitter account released footage of the attack, asking for help in identifying the suspect,who was wearing a black "I [Love] NY" hoodie.

The attack comes as Moranis has slowly stepped back into the spotlight following several decades away. The actor will soon reprise his iconic role in the upcoming Honey, I Shrunk the Kids sequel starring Josh Gad as his grown-up son.

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