'Dexter' Revival Teaser Trailer Introduces Jim Lindsay, Who Definitely Isn't a Serial Killer

Dexter is making a comeback to Showtime later this year, and fans are hoping that it will fix the disastrous final season that sent off the serial killer in such a disappointing fashion. The serial killer series revival has already started things off on the right foot by getting rid of that hideous lumberjack beard that Michael C. Hall donned last time, and a new teaser trailer shows Dexter is not only clean-shaven, but he’s trying to live a peaceful life in a small town with a new identity. How long will that last?

Dexter Revival Trailer

The people of this small town clearly love Jimmy, Jimbo, and Mr. Lindsey, as the youths refer to him. With a smile on his face, Dexter walks through town as Jim Lindsay. But the wind is sucked out of his sails a bit when he notices a series of knives on display in a local shop window. It would seem that Dark Passenger that defined him for so many years isn’t completely gone.

However, I must say that Dexter’s reaction to a few blades seems a little odd. After all, Showtime also teased Dexter’s new identity with a look at Jim Lindsay’s employee badge. Check out the Twitter image below:

The Dexter revival is in the hands of showrunner Clyde Phillips, who held the same role on the first four seasons of the original series. Phillips is overseeing the story and executive producing with Michael C. Hall and Marcos Siega, who will be directing the show’s return.

There’s no return date for Dexter yet, but we can likely expect it to premiere on Showtime sometime in the fall 2021.

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