Father's Day: Here Are Our Favorite Movies to Watch With Dad

Father’s Day only comes once a year, might as well binge some movies together. Whether you’re crying over Finding Nemo or laughing at National Lampoon’s Vacation, there’s plenty of Dad-centered movies out there that’ll make you grab a beer and lounge on the couch. Here’s a list of our favorite movies to watch on Father’s Day.

‘Mrs. Doubtfire’

Whether you’re watching this movie on Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, Robin William’s performance in Mrs. Doubtfire is sure to make you laugh. Mrs. Doubtfire tells the story of a recently divorced father who is trying to balance getting a job and spending time with his kids. The lengths he goes to see his children is definitely over the top, but that’s just how Robin Williams is.

For his starring role in this film, Robin Williams earned the Golden Globe Award for “Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.” The production also won the Golden Globe Award for “Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy.”

‘Father of the Bride’

A classic tale of a Father and his love for his daughter. This movie stars Steve Martin as the father of Annie, a soon to be bride who is preparing for her wedding. Along the way, Steve Martin’s character must learn to let go of the financial burdens of planning the wedding and the emotional struggle of letting his daughter go.

Starring Martin Short, Steve Martin, and Diane Keaton, Father of the Bride is a lighthearted comedy. Yet, it still hits home, telling the story of a bond between a father and his daughter.

‘Finding Nemo’

One of Pixar’s most well-known movies, Finding Nemo tells the story of an anxious clownfish, named Marlin, who is the single parent of his son, Nemo. When Nemo goes beyond the reef and gets captured by divers, Marlin must travel where he’s never gone before to rescue him. Marlin meets a few fun characters along the way, (we’re looking at you, Crush,) but most importantly, Marlin proves his unconditional love for his son.

Recently, Pixar released a sequel to Finding Nemo, entitled Finding Dory. In it, Marlin and Nemo return to reunite their friend, Dory, with the rest of her family. Both movies are totally Father’s Day-binge-worthy.

‘National Lampoon’s Vacation’

There are a few National Lampoon’s movies, from National Lampoon’s European Vacation to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. The original movie, however, follows a Father as he takes his family on vacation to an amusement park, Wally World. It doesn’t turn out to be the perfect road trip that Chevy Chase’s character planned, but the family has a memorable time along the way.

‘The Incredibles’

This is a Pixar movie about a family that’s more super than the next. The Incredibles tells the story of Robert Parr, an undercover superhero longing to live out his glory days as Mr. Incredible. He learns about sacrifice, strength, and, most importantly, his love for his family.

Pixar also released a sequel to The Incredibles, called Incredibles 2. In it, Robert Parr takes on the challenges of parenthood, from relearning math to fixing his daughter’s relationship.

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