Indiana Jones 5: Former Young Indie star wants to make a comeback with Harrison Ford

Indiana Jones: Harrison Ford discusses shooting fifth film

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The upcoming Indiana Jones 5 is expected to continue the legacy of Dr Henry Jones (played by Harrison Ford) after his retirement. Who better to take Indiana Jones’ place than an actor who already portrayed the character before? After the original three Indie movies – Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade – director George Lucas produced a TV show spin-off. The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles aired from 1992 to 1993 and enjoyed two seasons.

The series also received four TV movies telling the story of Indie adventuring to Egypt and Russia looking for artifacts alongside his father and friends.

The actor behind young Indiana Jones, Sean Patrick Flanery, has now spoken about returning as the iconic hero in the future.

Speaking in an interview Flanery said: “Man, I can probably count on one hand the amount of people that wouldn’t want to do something that George Lucas originated!”

“Being in a Harrison Ford film, I mean, that falls into that same Dexter category.”

Although the actor was interested in reprising his role as the archeologist, he wanted to be clear there was only one real hero behind the hat.

Flanery continued: “But having said that, I mean, to me, Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones. You know what I mean?

“They’ve got my 20 bucks at the theatre every time they put one of those out. Absolutely.”

Bringing Flanery back as a younger version of Indiana Jones is still possible, considering the fifth movie will be Ford’s final adventure as the hero.

Harrison Ford stars in Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

Indie’s lineage was continued in the 2008 movie The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull with the introduction of Mutt.

Mutt was Indie’s long-lost son and was played by Shia LeBeouf. The character was teased to take over from the hero in the final moments of the movie where he almost put on the iconic hat.

However, recent reports have said Mutt won’t be returning and the new film will have Indie searching for the Fountain of Youth.

The film will follow the hero “learning of vials of immortal water from either the Fountain of Youth or the immortal peaches”.

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Indie will then reportedly get dragged out of retirement to stop the Fountain of Youth from falling into the wrong hands.

In an unexpected turn of events Indie drinks from the fountain, turning him into his younger self from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

This will be carried out on-screen with massive amounts of CGI – using similar techniques utilised in the Star Wars films involving Princess Leia and Grand Moff Tarkin.

But with Flanery keen to reprise his role as Indie, the 55-year-old instead has the opportunity to take up the whip once again.

The report goes on to describe the film’s final scenes which show Indie struggling with the decision on whether to age or become young.

After finally deciding to end his conquest for eternal youth, Indie yells: “I belong in a museum.”

A shocking stinger scene will apparently then be shown, fading in on a group of school kids at a museum staring into an exhibit dedicated to Indiana Jones.

Indiana Jones 5 is due for release in 2022. 

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