Jason Mantzoukas jokes he will kill John Wick in next movie

By his own admission, Jason Mantzoukas‘ role as Tick Tock Man in the recently-released John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum is not the action threequel’s most essential part. But the comedian and How Did They This Get Made? podcast host teased that his character would make a bigger mark in future franchise entries during an appearance on Conan Thursday night.

“We just got greenlit for John Wick 4… which I’m very excited about, and I can, on this program, report an exclusive, which is that the title of that movie… is John Wick: Chapter 4 — Wick and the Tick,” Mantzoukas told the host Conan O’Brien, with tongue pressed firmly into his bearded cheek. “And it is just me and Keanu Reeves getting into… hi-jinks. Would you be surprised to hear that we go on a double date in the movie that doesn’t go well? Because he’s got his dog that’s with him all the time, they’re giving me an animal, I’m getting a parrot, I’m pretty excited about it. Spoilers for John Wick 4, I kill John Wick, and then the next movie is just Tick Tock Man Chronicles. John Wick: Chapter 5 — Tick Tock Man Chronicles.”

Watch that clip of Mantzoukas on Conan above.

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