MCU May Introduce Wolverine as a Monstrous Killing Machine

Theories surrounding Wolverine’s introduction into the MCU have centered on a Hulk vs. Wolverine mash-up since before Mark Ruffalo told Kevin Feige he would like to see such a narrative play out on the silver screen. 

While seeing the green guy go up against the adamantium-infused, unbreakable, cigar-smoking mutant would surely make for entertaining cinema, new insider reports direct attention towards a different possibility. While bringing the mutant up against one of the OG saviors would provide Wolverine a fast-pass ticket to integral character status, another route may be more apropos — a violent origin story. 

With the next standalone Deadpool installment allegedly set to receive its R-Rating under Disney  — a move that would starkly contrast every other superhero film under the Disney umbrella — it looks like Wolverine’s MCU entrance may follow a similar path. 

Wolverine: The killing machine 

According to We Got This Covered — citing the same sources who informed the outlet that Ewan McGregor was returning as Obi-Wan in a Disney+ show and that a Green Lantern series was coming to HBO Max (both confirmed) — Marvel is considering an R-Rated Wolverine film.  So, why does the film require an R-Rating? Let’s just say it would be hard to make the alleged storyline work within the confines of a PG-13 rating…

The insiders told We Got This Covered that the movie would premiere as part of Phase 6, and follow Weapon X’s origin story from the 1991 comic book. This story features Logan’s capture, his adamantium-infusion, and his subsequent escape, laying the foundation that leads to his eventual work with the X-Men. The tale is quite a bloody one. 

As We Got This Covered (WGTC)  notes, during most of this story, Wolverine is not himself; he is a mind-wiped killing machine, and the narrative is told from the perspective of those operating on him. WGTC compares the comic to a “slasher film,” with Wolverine’s razor-sharp claws taking the place of various knives and other skin-piercing weapons akin to such movies. He goes after the scientists like predators go after their prey.

Wolverine’s likely depiction across time (if the MCU chooses this introduction)

Introducing the character this way would pay homage to Logan’s iconic story, while also departing from the original X-Men arc, which, if the MCU wants to avoid comparisons to Hugh Jackman’s Logan, would likely be a wise move. If there is a narrative separation between the characters, people will see a new Logan, as opposed to a new Hugh Jackman. 

Moving forward, Wolverine could become the more mature, wiser, still hot-headed, and short-fused, yet less out-of-control maniac we know him to be. And, as a result, he could come to fit quite well within the PG-13 confine that a major X-Men or Avengers mash-up would require. 

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