Move Over, Fyre Festival: Woodstock '99 Was Even Worse (Podcast)

The disastrous Woodstock ’99, the subject of a new podcast from Luminary and the Ringer, was also the subject of a podcast we made back in January

“In case you’re wondering,” one reveler wrote, “those ‘cabanas’ are actually disaster relief tents.” 


  • Let them eat cheese sandwiches. One attendee posted this pic of the dinner served at the luxury festival which included bread, cheese and salad with dressing. 


  • This Fyre attendee tagged the Washington Post and the Weather Channel with the caption: “disaster at Exumas Georgetown international airport.”


  • This guy tried to use his VIP status to get off the island: “Hey @delta and @AmericanAir, not you United, can you come to the Exuma airport and save us? I have an Artist Pass.”


  • Someone snapped a shot of one of the notebooks from a festival organizer with a list of all the essentials, including 50 cases of pineapple juice, 6,000 Altoids and 3,000 Milky Ways. A comment left on the Instagram post perhaps summed it up best: “This kinda looks like when I planned my 13th bday party.”


  • After two hours on the runway waiting to take off, this reveler got his “Chex Mix ration.”


  • This guy seems to have made the best of the situation. “Pigs make great wingmen!!!” he wrote. “Personally, I had a fucking blast at #fyrefestival The press blew it way out of proportion.”


  • Expectations vs. Reality 


  • Expectations vs. Reality Part Deux


  • No need for a carousel. “This is how Fyre Fest handles luggage. Just drop it out of a shipping container. At night. With no lights,” one partygoer quipped.


  • The posh event came complete with this “view of the luxury food court” and “luxury school bus transportation,” according to this angry attendee.


  • We’ve seen worse… then again, we never paid thousands of dollars for accommodations. 


  • This just makes us sad. 


  • 13 horrifying scenes from the ritzy festival that will scar you for life

    “In case you’re wondering,” one reveler wrote, “those ‘cabanas’ are actually disaster relief tents.” 

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